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We’re an organization of 5 companies which started it’s way a long time ago with the launch of a small publication named Rabia Book House. After a great journey, we found our way into the largest publications in Pakistan and still working on getting ahead.

After realizing the learning needs of kids, we began to work on games for little kids that would help kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Working beside kids’ games, we started working on popular game products that stood out in the marketplace.

As we’ve always worked for the young generation, we started manufacturing whiteboards for kids. Besides that, we also started working on paper products like Notebooks and Registers which really makes us prove that we work for the generation to come.

Among all of our brands, we’ve created. We thought of giving out our premium printing services to the others also so that they can also get benefit from our printing services. And that was the cause of the creation of takhleeq print pack.

We’ve come a long way working for generations and looking forward on serving to come ahead.

Rabia book house is a very famous and trustworthy name in the book market all over Pakistan. Mr.Saeed A. Sheikh established it in 1963 and worked with his full devotion to provide quality books on affordable prices to the Pakistani nation.

In the very beginning, Rabia book house published the books to develop and enhance the literary taste of the readers. Thereafter, we started to publish books covering every field such as novel, poetry, psychiatry, cooking, make-up, and general knowledge, etc. Lately, we have taken a giant step and launched a wide range of dictionaries. These were very much appreciated by the readers not only in Pakistan but abroad also.

As we are striving for the brighter Pakistan and educated nation, educational books for primary classes level were also launched by us in the near past.


10 years ago we founded a game store with the goal to deliver premium quality games to people throughout Pakistan with a passion to provide a unique experience in game products. Now, we are sure that people have a trusted, quality game products creator in Pakistan.

After creating a great amount of excellent game products, we came to realize the importance of toddlers’ choice; and that’s why we launched a great number of series in Puzzles which really made us stand out of the crowd.

This all started with our solo release of LUDO board game which was so cherished that we had to work on further games. 

When it comes to buying quality paper products, “Warq Notes” is one of the best options you should be looking for, as we have a great amount of experience in building this brand. This all started in 2016 with our first launch of assignment sheets which got so successful because of our quality production, that we had to bring more of unique products for our customers and here we end up providing more and more quality paper products with best quality.

We want our kids to learn in the magical world of art. That’s why we consider it our responsibility for providing the best tools in learning for the next generations. Because of our top-quality production, we’ve managed to earn the trust of our great audience. Versatility is one of the great key features of our products, as we’re always looking for new developments in our products that make us bring a great versatile experience for our customers. Besides these all qualities, our team is working 24/7 to bring all the quality experiences for our beloved customers which includes all customer care services and much more, as from all of it what matters to us, is the customer’s satisfaction and quality experience.

“Takhleeq Printers” is offering all types of printing and packaging services since a very long time, and has earned the loyalty of top printing houses in Pakistan, giving the best of quality, service and meeting the committed delivery schedules.

We, at “Takhleeq Printers” believe in creating value to our customers. We understand the customer’s requirements fully, collaborate with the customer and optimize the specifications of the printing projects. “Takhleeq Printers” always wish to have long-standing professionalism, loyalty, and understanding of its clients, this is the prominent aspect of Takhleeq Printers commitment to its clients.


Naveed ul Quran is all about providing all Muslims a unique experience when it comes to Quran Printing. We aim to give the reader a robust experience of reading the Quran and benefit from it. We are constantly thriving to become the best Quran printing company in the world.

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This organization has really worked a lot for our young generation, extremely appreciatable. 

Saleem Ahmed

There are very few organizations that have made such efforts for our young generation, and tahreer group is one of these organizations.

Faraaz Ali

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